Benefits and Membership

Benefits for MO-CCI Members

  • Prime early access to student talents in interactive settings that better judge their abilities and potential
  • Having proactive role in better preparing students to hit the ground running when they start their careers
  • Practical and applied solutions for local and regional industry challenges using annual calls for research
  • Tailored training and education opportunities that are delivered in the metropolitan area (Saint Louis initially)
  • Honing and strengthening the communication skills of the current employees of the industry partners through active engagement in the activities of the consortium, which helps their growth as managers, VPs ... etc
  • Provide annual forum for interaction between contractors and owners in Missouri

Membership Fees

The annual membership fee for MO-CCI is $25,000. This is based on annual revenue of $100 million or higher according to the Business Journal. If the annual revenue of the company does not reach the aforementioned threshold value, the membership dues are 50% less. MO-CCI, represented by its director and member companies, can accept that a portion of membership fees be in the form of an in-kind contribution.