Student Development

MO-CCI Core Area - Student Development

Student Development is addressed as follows:

  • MO-CCI pro-actively helps its industry partners have an early on impact towards shaping the qualities of Missouri S&T graduates to hit the ground when joining their companies.
  • Using yearly surveys, MO-CCI identifies industry needs in their new hires to improve associated curriculum at Missouri S&T. Potential areas can include: enhanced reading of drawings; better understanding of specs; first-hand knowledge of how designs (civil, electrical, and mechanical) are actually constructed in the field; uses of visualization techniques in construction; learning early-on about the importance of flexibility towards travel and relocation in the construction industry; and improving different communication skills.
  • This effort also helps the member companies further develop the communication skills of their star performing professionals chosen to deliver such classes. Thus, it represents an optimal win/win situation for all stakeholders.