Ongoing Activities

Student Development

  • Created a new minor in construction engineering and management (CEM) as a first step towards having a BSc in CEM. [Download Flyer]
  • Organize Mo-CCI Industry Night as a bi-annual event where students can join fellow construction companies for an evening of professional connections and useful career information. [Photos: Spring 2024 Fall 2023, Fall 2022]

Professional Development

      1. The Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry and the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Dr. Lucio Soibelman [Download Flyer]
      2. Invariant Signatures of Architecture, Engineering and Construction Objects using Building Information Modeling - Dr. Jiansong Zhang [Download Flyer]
      3. Structural Behavior and Temporal-Based Effects of Sustainable High Volume Fly Ash Self-Consolidating Concrete in Building Structures - Dr. John Myers [Download Flyer]
      4. Leveraging Cyber-Physical Systems and Digital Twins for Construction Projects - Dr.  Chimay J. Anumba [Download Flyer]

Research Development

Fund 6 research projects that are related to:

  • Developing Best Practices for Modularization in the Construction Industry. [Download Summary Report]
  • Creating Guidelines for Collaborative Scheduling in the Construction Industry. [Download Summary Report]
  • Increasing Productivity While Facing Current Construction Industry Workforce Challenges. [Download Summary Report]
  • Using Information Technology for Enhancing Construction Projects Performance. [Download Summary Report]
  • Understanding the Trends of Construction Labor Earnings and Availability
  • Efficient Deployment of Digital Technologies in Value Engineering: A Coopetition-based Approach